This month, the award goes to … 

October 2009

It is the last month before the Speeder of Year will be determined, and several contestants put themselves on the radar for this title, litterally :-), including the September Speeder of the Month, who made the top 3 again and won the October title hands-down with a solid performance on several days – so fast that the car is just a blur on the camera image.


September 2009

This month it was more difficult than usual to select a Speeder of the month from the many worthy contestants. So we have decided, starting this September, to pick three Speeders of the month.


August 2009


Same car, different light conditions?

July 2009



June 2009


May 2009


April 2009


March 2009


February 2009



61 miles per hour again. This car registered at over 50 mph every day for a week and gets the consistency award as well.

January 2009

61 miles per hour can’t be possible? I am not sure. I happened to drive down the street that morning and the truck was coming up the other way. It was definitely flying, and that’s how I got the plate (N26595). I turned around and by the time I caught up with it, the driver had already made his delivery on Erik Road.

I calibrated my setup using the electronic cruise control of my car at 30mhp and 40mph, and the readings were accurate within a range of +/- 1 mile. I would not dare going 60 miles an hour on my street to see whether the readings are still accurate at that speed. 40 mph is no longer safe. So, it may not have been 61mph, but something close to that. The same truck was clocked in the high 50’s on another day, so it was not a fluke, either.

December 2008

A Pine Needle Park resident who shows up frequently with high speeds …

November 2008

It is possible that the cruiser’s radar system was on and interfered with my setup, but the car appeared to be speeding on the video, and the flashing blue lights were not on.