It was one year ago on November 23, 2008 at 5:44pm when the Green Street speed radar went into operation, and since then it has been dutifully recording every vehicle travelling by, almost 270,000 of them.

The 1-year anniversary is not only a milestone that will allow for some statistical analysis, but it also marks the time to grant the first Speeder of the Year award.

Impressive performance!

Impressive performance! David F. knows no fear.

Ta-da! Choosing the most worthy contestant was not an easy task, as there was a group of  5 contenders who made themselves stand out with more than an occasional appearance in the monthly top 3. After careful review of the data, however, it became clear that one single speeder beat the competition hands-down over a period of several months, by logging speeds close to twice the allowed limit almost every day. This particular individual may not have logged the highest speed on record, but deserves the award for the most consistent offenses.

The award goes to the silver Honda CRV with the MA plate number 265MXO, registered at 16 Carol Ann Drive. Congratulations, and slow down, David F.!