I discovered Cabot “Greek Style” yoghurt at Shaw’s today – 10% fat and sooooo good. The taste immediately brought back the memory of eating breakfast at 1 pm, when the little village you are in is void of any shade (and the temperature has already crept past the 100°F mark) while suffering from a serious Metaxa1 hangover… – and the subsequent feeling that one cup of 10% yoghurt is all the “solid” food you need for the day.

This totally makes up for the fact that our Shaw’s no longer carries Irish butter (the only thing in the store that tasted, smelled, and looked like actual butter). I am just going to have to substitute Greek yoghurt for the butter on my bagels now.

Even if you do not share my memories of eating Greek yoghurt in Greece, you may want to try it out. And please ask random employees at Shaw’s to bring back the Irish butter, or any other imported butter for that matter – the Danish butter (Lurpak) is even better.

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