January 2009

Have you ever wondered how the town spends your tax dollars? Here is one way they are doing it.

On snowy days, your money is used to pay for the street plow to come by and plow your road. Then after a little while, it is used to pay for the sidewalk plow to plow the sidewalk. Then, it is used to pay the street plow to plow the street a little more, gaining an inch or two, while completely filling in the sidewalk again. After all, in order to go 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, the road needs to be as wide as possible.
Then, your money is used to pay the sidewalk plow again to clear the sidewalk. Then …
You get the point. This goes on 4 or 5 times a day. Unfortunately, every time the sidewalk is plowed, I lose a chunk of my front lawn, along with the occasional sprinkler head. (more…)

This chart is rendered in real-time. It will appear in a few seconds.

48 hour temperature chart for Medfield

Visit Paul Loiacono’s weather station site for much more detail and the local forecast.

A search of the Intel site does not bring up a single hit, and the posting on a Cnet blog from last December that started these rumors has since disappeared. So, while it is not really official, many insiders seem to think that it is more than just a rumor: Intel code-named a new 32nm Atom processor “Medfield”. The processor is planned to launch in 2010.

These plans were filed with the Registry of Deeds in June of 2008 and show the exact location of the access easement that will provide a pedestrian and bicycle connection between Woodcliff Hills and the northern side of town on one hand, and Green Street and the center of town on the other hand. At least that was the idea that was discussed in all the planning board meetings.